Suicide (Prevention, Awarenss & Intervention)

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safeTALK Training

Outcome: Participants learn to recognise the signs of when a person is considering suicide, how to respond accordingly and how to link them in with further help.

Session: Half day session with a qualified Lifeline safeTALK Trainer

Resouces: Pocket card for participants

Help someone when they need it most

Suicide is preventable. Anyone can make a difference.

Attend the half-day safeTALK program and learn to:

  • identify people who may have thoughts of suicide,
  • ask them directly about the possibility of suicide, then
  • connect them to life-saving resources

safeTALK is open to anyone 15 years or older, regardless of prior experience. Both professionals and members of the general public can benefit from safeTALK.

Why take safeTALK?

Life-Saving: Anyone can experience thoughts of suicide. By connecting friends, family members, colleagues, and students with helpful resources, safeTALK participants save lives in their communities.

Simple yet effective: safeTALK uses the easy-to-follow TALK steps - Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe - and includes time to practice them so the knowledge is retained.

Engaging: safeTALK is a dynamic training that incorporates presentations and audiovisuals.  It invites participants to become more alert to the possibility of suicide and how to prevent it.

Trusted: More than 50,000 people attend safeTALK each year.  safeTALK is used in over 20 countries worldwide, and many communities, organisations and agencies have made it a core training program.

Proven: Studies show that safeTALK participants feel more confident asking people about suicide connecting them with life-saving resources, and keeping them safe until those resources can take over. 

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LivingWorks Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Outcome: Comprehensive training which provides knowledge and skills to recognise when someone may be at risk of suicide and respond in ways that help increase their immediate safety and refer them to appropriate help. 

LivingWorks training products are evidence-based and well evaluated, produced in Canada and delivered across the world.

Session: Two-day face-to-face session with two Lifeline ASIST trainers.

Resources: Participant Workbook

Suicide is preventable.  Anyone can make a difference.

Attend the award-winning ASIST workshop and learn to:

  • recognise people at risk of suicide
  • talk to them, hear their stories and understnad their situations, then
  • help them stay safe with a life-affirming intervention.

The two-day ASIST workshop is open to anyone 16 years or older. Widely used by both professionals and the general public, ASIST offers something to every participant, no matter how experienced.

Why take ASIST?

Life Saving: Anyone can experience thoughts of suicide. By giving participants the skills to help friends, family members, colleagues and clients stay alive, ASIST supports suicide-safer communities.

Trusted: ASIST if the most widely used suicide intervention training workshop in the world. Over 100,000 people attend ASIST each year in more than 30 countries.

Engaging: ASIST is a dynamic, hands-on workshop that uses adult learning principles. It includes presentations, discussions and audiovisuals, plus simulations to practice intervention skills.

Proven: ASIST works.  A major 2013 study showed that the ASIST intervention process significantly reduces thoughts of suicide and helps people at risk feel more hopeful about living. 

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