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Quick Reference Guides:

These are simple guides to help you plan and deliver some of the processes practiced withing Participatory Leadership methods. It's there for you as a quick reference tool to help support your practice.

  • Participatory Leadership Summary - a two page document outlining what Participatory Leadership is and the models, practices, methodologies and processes that are utilised in participatory designed conversation.
  • Conversation Design Guide - this document aims to provide a step by step guide to assist you in thinking through the design of a process using participatory leadership methods.
  • The Art of Harvesting - a quick reference guide on the essentials for harvesting conversations that matter.
  • Powerful Questions - a quick reference guide on how to create powerful questions to support your process design.
  • Circle - a quick reference guide on how to conduct the Circle Practice. 
  • World Cafe - a quick reference guide on how to conduct World Cafe sessions.
  • Open Space - a quick reference guide on how to utilise Open Space technology.
  • Designing for Wiser Action - a process that demonstrates the power of co-creation through diversity of perspectives and working from a basis of clear purpose.

There are also additional printable resources, articles, diagrams and related readings and links to support your understanding of Participatory Leadership design and practice.

Printable resources - these are print outs and templates for use during the relevant process and to act as a guide for the participants.

Articles and diagrams to support learning:

  • The Four Fold Practice - co-created resource, updated by Mary-Alice Arthur March 2013.
  • The Art of Harvesting - this manual was developed by Monica Nissén  & Chris Corrigan, with special thanks to Matthieu Kleinschmager, Silas Lusias, George Por and the AoH-network v. 3.1.
  • The Art of Powerful Questions - Catalyzing Insight, Innovation, and Action -by Eric E. Vogt, Juanita Brown, and David Isaacs.
  • Pro Action Cafe - Learn about this methodology and how to host your own! description by RIa Beack and editing by Andries De Vos (June 2010). 

The artwork links below were created for the Sensemaking workshop in April 2013 and represents the perspectives of over 700 people engaged in workshops and interview in preparation for the NDIS. Feel free to print and use to support your conversations or create beauty in your environment.

  • Marlene's Artwork - Marlene Butteriss is an artist and community worker and her passion is helping others see their own light shine. She has spent over two decades working with people to help them plan the life they want to live and to find ways to express themselves authentically. Website
  • Simon's Artwork - The artist Simon Mclean has received numerous prizes and awards for his original Artworks and Illustration. His works are represented in private collections throughout Australia and Overseas. Website
  • Deb's Artwork - Deb created these images in response to the feedback gathered in the NDIS Readiness workshops and interviews. These pieces were used to immerse participants of the sensemaking workshop in the language and images of the stakeholders contributions.

Resources that may help you to hold a conversation:

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